Fabric masks
Fabric masks

Fabric masks

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Fabric  masks. We have a max order quantity per person per day. 

ready ship in 2-3 days, excluding holidays and weekends  


you may request specific fabrics but we run out very quickly and will do our best to accommodate, but for this reason we do not post available fabrics. 

it is YOUR responsibility to specify child gender, unisex fabric or women's. Otherwise we ship what we have and anything would be better than nothing. Best bet is to put:

one child mask for boy

one child mask for girl 

male mask

Female mask


check back daily for restocks

We leave a small opening at the bottom for those using filters. When you wash it the first time it may reopen and lose its crisp pleating, if you’re not using filters, simply iron after washing and hot glue or hand sew the pocket together.

DO NOT MICROWAVE! Sanitize in your laundry. 

masks are not eligible for refunds, exchanges or store credit for sanitary reasons